FNL Driving School - FAQ


Q: Can FNL Driving School come with me/my student driver on the day of the NJ road test?

A: Yes! To ensure that you or your student driver is as confident and comfortable as possible, a certified FNL Driving School instructor can be arranged to accompany students to the NJ road test.  Further, we will provide our dual controlled car, and we can even schedule a “brush up” lesson right before your test!

Q: When can I take the online defensive driving course?

A: You may begin the course as soon as you enroll. If you decide not to finish the course in one sitting, you may exit the test at any time and then re-enter the program to complete it using this link.

Q: Does FNL Driving School accommodate students who need training with special adaptive equipment?

A: Yes! FNL Driving School does provide services for those students with special needs or the need for adaptive equipment. If you require these services, please call us to discuss your specific situation.

Q: Is there anything I can do besides 6 hours of behind the wheel training to improve my chances of passing the NJ road test the first time?

There sure is! Practice makes perfect, and will be your biggest ally on your road to the road. FNL Driving School is happy to offer additional training lessons for drivers of all ages. Visit our services page here to get more information, or call us any time at (201) 599-1513!

Q: Does FNL Driving School offer defensive driving courses?

A: You bet! We are proud to offer 3 options for defensive driving courses. Whether it is in the classroom or online, FNL Driving School has everything you need to complete a NJ defensive driving course.

Q: Is there a way to obtain a discount on my auto insurance if I am an FNL Driving School customer?

A: Yes! Students that receive a certificate of completion for one of the courses below, may be eligible for insurance discounts (depending on your insurance company and individual situation).  In order to receive your insurance discount, you must complete one of the courses below, and submit the certificate of completion to your insurance agent or carrier.